Candlelight Ceremony 2019-2020
Annual Day 2019
Epiphany 2019
Investiture Ceremony in St. Thomas'
Candlelight Ceremony 2018-2019
Farewell Ceremony 2018-2019
Good Luck & Appreciation Ceremony 2018-2019
Annual Day 2018
Nursery Department Annual Day - The Jungle Book
Shakespeare Day Assembly
Tagore Day Celebration
Easter Assembly
Candlelight Ceremony 2017-2018
Farewell Ceremony 2017-2018
Good Luck & Appreciation Ceremony 2017-2018
Fun n' Frolic at the Carnival
St. Thomas' Celebrates Annual Day 2017
St. Thomas' host Epiphany 2017
Candlelight Ceremony 2016-2017
Farewell Ceremony 2016-2017
Good Luck & Appreciation Ceremony 2016-2017
Tribal Art & Culture add Colour to St. Thomas' Annual Day Celebrations
The Young Belles of St. Thomas' Chime 'Dolls' Day Out'
Literacy Day Celebration
Epiphany 2016
Inspiring assembly by XII ScB
Tagore Day Celebration
Assembly by Class XII ScA
Easter Assembly
Earth Day Assembly
Candlelight Ceremony 2015-2016
Farewell Ceremony 2015-2016
Sports Meet 2015
Annual Day 2015
Social Empowerment�The way to a progressive India
Epiphany 2015
The Significance of Eid
Earth Day Assembly
Candlelight Ceremony 2014-2015
Good Luck & Appreciation Ceremony 2014-2015
Farewell Ceremony 2014-2015
Carnival Frenzy Lights Up STS 2014-2015
Annual Day 2014
Alumnae Meet - 8 November 2014
Diwali fervour enlivens STS
Commerce Day 2014
Commitment to Empowerment
Psychology Assembly - 19 August 2014
Independence Day Celebration - August 2014
Epiphany 2014
Economics Day
Tagore Day 2014
Miss India Koyal Rana... she came, we saw, she conquered...
Easter Assembly 2014
Candlelight Ceremony 2013-2014
Good Luck Ceremony 2013-2014
Celebrating Republic Day
Farewell Ceremony 2013-2014
Annual Day Celebrations in St. Thomas'
Carnival Frenzy Lights Up STS 2013-2014
Epiphany 2013
Shakespeare Day Assembly
Earth Day Assembly

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