Bidding 'Adieu' with Light -The Candlelight Ceremony in St. Thomas'
In keeping with the tradition of the school, St. Thomas bade farewell' to the batch of 2022-23. with the Annual Candlelight Ceremony on Jan 21,2023. The Chief Guest of the occasion was Bishop Rt. Rev Dr. Paul Swarup.
A very poignant and inspiring occasion, readings from the Holy scriptures were interspersed with melodious hymns, giving a touch of solemnity and gravity.
The Chief Guest in his address, wished the students good luck on their journey forward in life.
Quoting Gospel of Mathew, he elaborated on the significance of the school motto - 'Light to Lighten'. According to him, Light brings hope in despair, illuminates and is a powerful agent of change. It also has the capacity to direct. As Thomasites, the girls should hold on to the values inculcated in school, amid challenges, and be 'lights to lighten'.
The Principal, Dr. A. Amos, underlined the importance of walking the extra mile to make a difference in the lives of others. As students, who have faced the tribulation of the Covid time, she believed that this batch was one step ahead of the others as they have learnt to become more resilient and tenacious. She said that we must 'invest' in girls' education, helping them to be financially literate and empathetic. In conclusion, she reminded the girls to always implicitly believe in God Almighty, love their parents, nurture a dream and learn to give, graciously.
The Chairman blessed the outgoing students.
The Auditorium was lit up with hundreds of candles, passed on by class XII to the next batch, radiating the school motto 'Light to Lighten'. The auditorium was a solemn beautiful space-with moist eyes, grateful hearts and soulful utterances.
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