Activity 8.1.(i) : Quiz Contest – an intra-class team event for students of Class IX

Age Group : 14-15 years

No. of Participating Students : 20 (4 students from each section)

Brief Description : Teams were selected from each section by popular choice of the classmates. Each team was given a title that highlighted the universal values upheld by the U.N. . The quiz comprised of three rounds, each testing the knowledge, awareness, analytical ability of the students.

Learning Outcome :

1. Become aware of the composition and functioning of the U.N.
2. Develop team spirit and competitive skill.

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Activity 8.1.(ii) : Written Questionnaire – an intra-class activity for all students of class X

Age Group : 15-16 years

No. of Participating Students : 250

Brief Description : A questionnaire with 20 MCQs was prepared that included questions based on the working, organisation and history of the U.N. . It also included and analytical question to evaluate the problem solving skills of the students. The questionnaire was required to be answered within the stipulated 30 minutes time limit.

Learning Outcome :

1. Know and retain facts regarding working of international organisation, U.N.
2. Develop analytical reasoning skills
3. Learn proper time management

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