Activity 7.1 : Recent case studies of various forms of cancer

Age Group : 16-17 Yrs (Class XI)

Countries Studied: India, U.S.

Brief Description : This activity involves making PowerPoint presentation (to explain the cause and the treatment) about the three forms of cancer specifically affecting the female gender. It involves a comparative study between USA and India to show the importance of early detection of cancer, for prevention, cure and prognosis of cancer.

Objectives :

1. To create awareness among students about the growing number of cancer cases among women.
2. To make students understand why precautions need to be taken from such any early age.
3. To sensitize the students towards the above mentioned diseases by showing them clipping of different women suffering from cancer.
4. To draw their attention towards anatomy of their body mainly to emphasize the importance of their body organs.
5. To familiarize the students with all possible diagnostic and treatment facilities available in India and U.S.A

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