Activity 5.1 : Preparation of Artifacts for Green Bazaar

Age Group : 13 yrs-15yrs (Classes VIII & IX)

Countries Studied: Egypt, China & Russia Brief Description : To prepare artifacts for green bazaar a workshop was conducted to sensitize the students about conservation and demonstrate ways to prepare items to raise awareness for the same.A group of students was selected to participate in the workshop which had the following sessions.

1. Discussion about examples and reasons of species being endangered.
2. Brainstorming ideas to present information on artifacts
3. Demonstration of steps of construction of listed items( paper folder,painting T-shirts & paper lanterns)
4. Preparation of Items

Students were divided in groups and each group - shared the information with their respective classes

� researched the IUCN Red List of endangered species,internet, library books,newspaper to select examples of endangered species.
� wrote slogans/ message/designed description promoting awareness.
� prepared items (penstand, folders, lanterns, coloured pots,T-shirts, cards) emphasizing on recycling and use of eco-friendly materials.

Learning Outcomes

1. To learn about the endangered species of these countries.
2. To evaluate the reasons responsible for the depletion of the physical environment of these countries.
3. To develop creativity in presentation
4. To sensitize students about conservation
Preparing Artifacts
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