We Miss You...

"A Tribute to Mrs. Manoharan, Principal (1989-2007), St. Thomas' School, Mandir Marg, New Delhi

Among my lasting memories of Mrs. Manoharan is the warm and affectionate voice in which she greeted us with a "Good morning, children!" during morning assemblies at St. Thomas' School. If she ended this greeting on a high note with a lingering smile, we knew that she was going to declare the day a "red letter day!" A "red letter day" meant that there was good news for all! Be it achievements of students, a new bus being bought, festivals, the healthy recovery of a staff member in hospital or a positive national and international occurring, Mrs. Manoharan classified all this under a "red letter day."

But if a staff member or student was admitted to a hospital or if the nation or world was rocked by a disaster, the day became a "black letter day" for Mrs. Manoharan, who then asked us to close our eyes, bow our heads and fold our hands in prayer for those in hospital and affected by the disaster.

Such prayers for students, teachers, families and nations were the life-giving water with which she nourished us as students of St. Thomas'. Standing with our heads bowed in prayer, we did not understand then her deep trust and faith in God, upon which she built the foundation of St. Thomas', but today we understand that hers was a faith that moved mountains and birthed miracles in the life of St. Thomas' School.

She defied the stereotype of the stick-wielding, stern and dismissive Principal. As a student, you did not fear her as your Principal. In fact, if your paths crossed while gallivanting the school corridors, Mrs. Manoharan would inevitably smile and inquire about you, and if she knew you well, she would even ask, "Hello beta, how is mummy and daddy?"

If the students won a competition and made the school proud, you knew you were going straight into Mrs. Manoharan's arms and that she was going to hug you - not once, not twice, sometimes thrice! That she was going to pat your head with a "shaabaash" and with her slender fingers touch your chin with love, a gesture characteristic of Mrs. Manoharan.

Her confidence in you made you believe in yourself. We were never ordinary girls for her. Each of us, she believed, was a blessed child of God. Unique and precious.

Mrs. Manoharan did not 'govern' by power and might, instead she 'served' us - through love, compassion and kindness.

In Mrs. Manoharan's presence, you felt utterly loved and cared for.

She was a compassionate leader par excellence and she had a heart of gold. She taught us to walk out into the world and lift up the weak and slain. And she taught us to truly live, and not just exist. She expected us to be the light that would lighten the world with goodness of heart and character.

For all this and more, we have only to thank her, and thank her profusely.

May her soul rest in peace."

Agrima Bhasin (Class of 2007, St. Thomas'Girls Sr. Sec. School, Mandir Marg, New Delhi)

"Respected ma'am, very sorry to hear about Ma'am Manoharan. May God rest her soul in peace. I would have liked to come for the prayer meet but couldn't do so as my husband had a open heart surgery last week. I will keep her in my prayers."

Kavita Kumar

"I'm sorry to hear the sad demise of Mrs.Manoharan. She was such a wonderful woman blessed with humility and grace. Her departure is a indeed a big loss to Christian community , CNI and all of us.My heartfelt condolences."

Adv. Romy Chacko

"May she rest in peace.... "

Sr. Gracy, Principal of Convent of Jesus and Mary

"I just received a very depressing message about our dear friend Cynithia Manoharan left for her heavenly abode. She had been our intimitate friends and been our a great support to our family till our stay in Day. We praise God for the meaningful life she lived and the great contribution she made towards St Thomas'. May God grant peace and comfort to the bereaved family"

Rev. Enos Das Pradhan

"Hello Mrs. Amos, Just heard the sad news of our dear Mrs. Manoharan passing away . I am sure the whole STS family is grieving the loss. My heartfelt condolences to all and specially the family . May her soul rest in eternal peace . She will always be remembered by one and all."

Mrs. Hutoxi Puri
(Retd. Art PGT)

"Hi, just heard the sad news that our former principal Mrs. Cynthia Manoharan who was also the current manager of the school is no more???? She had been a teacher, guide , and mentor to many of us in our journeys in STS... May god grant her soul eternal peace and give her family members strength to bear this loss."

"The noble soul rests in peace and forever remains one with the Almighty. Manoharan ma'am would always be remembered as a great acemedician and administrator and above all a wonderful human being . May she Rest in peace."

Mrs. Kaveri Baweja

"Dearest ma'am,

Countless are the moments
When you touched my life
In so many strange ways
That mitigated all strife.

There are moments I can't forget
Moments of sad n happy time
Moments when you held me up
When the road was hard to climb.

For me to pick one moment
to cherish,save and keep.
Is really, really difficult
As I ve gathered up a heap.

You.ve been a source of strength
A guide and mentor too.
Someone I could rely on
In all my shades of blue.

You have been a guardian angel
To me and all those, who you knew
Your immense faith and prayers
Have always pulled us through.

Why our prayers couldn't heal you
Is beyond our comprehension.
We stood short of faith and trust,
That in you had completion.

Or maybe God wanted to choose
The choicest flower for His own.
A gem beyond compare
Who had comforted every soul.

I Thankyou
For always being there.
Even when you were indisposed
You always seemed to care.

There was no time to say goodbye
To tell you what you mean to us.
And now we've to learn to live
Without your concern n caring fuss.


Meena Nigam

"Respected Ma'am

Sorry to hear about Madam Manoharan's sad demise. We at Queen's Convent sincerely pray that her soul rests in peace."

Thanks and regards
Queen's Convent School

(Formerly Queen Mary's School)
Sector-25, Rohini, Delhi

"Respected Principal Ma'am, and all teachers,

It is my utter sadness to be informed that dearest Manhoran Ma'am is no longer amongst us. I, like all alumni and present students, feel a deep sorrow, as we knew Manhoran Ma'am as an unwavering warm spirit. Ma'am was intelligent, confident and loving like no other. We remember her as an ever blooming flower that brightened every student's, from young to senior, day with her pleasant greetings. She is well remembered for her service and kindness. She will be missed everyday, as we know there is no one that can replace her in our hearts.
Please accept my deepest condolences. She has taught us strength and kindness. I will pray for her peaceful passing and for all STS family to remain strong and united as we remember Manhoran ma'am.

May God be with all of you, and provide strength to endure these circumstances. May Manhoran Ma'am be at peace, wherever she is.

Please accept my prayer and condolences."

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

Arshveen Hora
(Batch of 2019)

"Dear Madam,

We were deeply grieved to know about the home call of Mrs. Cynthia Manoharan, the great Educationist. Our heartfelt condolences . Her contribution to the field of education has been tremendous and noteworthy.

May the LORD JESUS CHRIST comfort the bereaved family members and all of us."

Yours sincerely,

M. Kannan
Faith Academy

"In loving memory of Mrs. Cynthia Manoharan, Principal and Manager , St. Thomas' School, Mandir Marg, New Delhi.

Manoharan Ma'am was there standing at the nursery section gate to greet us on our first day at school. She was also there to bless us and bid us goodbye during the candle light ceremony, the last day at our school. She was omnipresent in our school life.

I clearly remember her taking rounds in school in her yellow orange saree along with her cheerful dog Simba; an image of happiness, joy and acceptance.

She made each and every one of us feel special and valued. Her energy was magnetic. She would fill every room with warmth and love. A principal who led by example, a teacher who taught her students to believe in the power of prayer, a woman who made sure that her students and staff brim with self confidence, Manoharan ma'am touched every life around her.

Thank you ma'am for your blessings and the innumerable lessons in life.

I hope your light continues to shine on each one of us.

May your soul rest in peace!"

Revati Ahuja
Class of 2011
St. Thomas' Girls Sr. Sec. School, Mandir Marg, New Delhi

"Madam Mrs. A Amose,

We are sorry to know about the sad demise of respected Madam Manoharan , who was a noble, pious and a GOD fearing lady. Our association with her was since 1981 when she came to attend the marriage of my late sister Vijay Lakshmi, who was also part of her school teaching team . In all these years whenever we met her at number of occasions, she would always enquire about the family and talk about her association with late Vijay Lakshmi.

She was always affectionate to our family and her demise is an irreparable loss to the school and to all who know her as a kind and unselfish Lady. But strange are the ways of GOD. We pray to GOD to grant peace to the departed soul and strength to all near and dears to bear this loss. She will remain in our thoughts and prayers.

Kindly convey our heart felt condolences to her family."

Warm regards,
Priya & D K Budhiraja