St. Thomas School, Mandir Marg celebrated the popular �Epiphany� week in the last week of July. This weeklong inter-school event showcasing talents in both cultural and non-cultural fields, was attended by many eminent schools across Delhi. The event was inaugurated by the Principal Mrs. A. Amos and blessed by the Manager Mrs. C. Manoharan.

Students out performed each other in the dramatic representation of Shakespeare�s works in the Sarojini Naidu Poetry Recitation competition. Colourful umbrellas stole the show in �Srijan�, the Painting competition, while the environment became the focus for the �Helen Jerwood Extempore� competition. But the heart stoppers were the inter-school Music and Dance competitions which were enjoyed by one and all. Music and dance caught every one�s attention and the auditorium reverberated to Indo-Western beats in the last three days. It was indeed, a most successful week!

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