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  • In the 30th Delhi State ITF Taekwondo Championship, which was held at Thyagaraj Stadium from 8th December - 11th December 2018, our school won -

    Gold Medals - 3 Nehal Loomba(VID), Tamanna Fakir(VIIIE), Shivika Gupta(IXC)

    Silver Medals - 3 Diya Kapoor(IXB), Ayesha(IXC), Nomita(IXD)

    Bronze Medals - 8 Divya Sachdeva(VIA), Kashish Tulsani(VIC), Anushka Pandey(VIIE), Ananya(VIIIE), Naman Kaur(IXA),Tanya Bhardwaj(IXA), Vaanya Aggarwal(IXB), Khushi Kohli(IXE)

  • Oindrila Mandal(IID) & Ishika Mandal(IA) won the Gold Medals in the 14th Delhi State Sub-Jinior ITF Taekwondo Championship 2018 held at Thyagraj Indoor Stadium.

  • In the School National Basketball Championship held at Chhatrasal Stadium, Pinky Rawat won the Gold Medal (U-17).

  • The running trophy was won by Arshia Dogra(XIICB) & Saniya Rizwan(XIIHB) at the Ramjas Inter-school Debate Competition. Saniya Rizwan won the Best Speaker prize and received Rs.2000 and a trophy. Arshia Dogra won the Consolation prize. She received Rs.500 and a trophy.

  • Rinky Rawat(VID), Tejal Bhavsar(VIIIA), Bharti Mangla(IXA), Ishita Rajput(IXA), Siddhi Shrivastwa(IXB), Vidhika Mehta(IXB), Harjasleen Kaur Gill(XA), Harjot Kaur(XE) & Visheshta Sawhney(XE) won the Fair Play Trophy in the 9th SK Sharma Memorial Girls Basketball Tournament held at Mamta Modern School.

  • Rinky Rawat(VID)has been selected for the Sub-junior National Basketball Tournament.

  • Manvi Tiwari(XIIHA) has been selected for the Senior National Basketball Tournament.

  • Naman Kaur(IXA) has been selected for the National Taekwondo Championship.

  • Mehr Mendiratta(VIIE) participated in Delhi State Swimming Competition.
    She won -
    * Gold Medal in 50 m freestyle
    * Silver Medal in 50 m butterfly
    * Bronze Medal in 100 m butterfly

    French Language Olympiad
    I POSITION : Navya Loriya , Mandira Singha, Bhvya Gupta
    II POSITION : Prashaa Mishra, Sanya Malhan, Devyanshi Gargashia
    III POSITION : Ishika Tanwar, Shivika Gupta, P. Renee Keerthana

    68 out of 110 students have cleared for the national level contest .

  • Simran Gupta(XIScA) got a merit certificate for excelling in Class X with a cash prize of Rs. 25,000 fromSir Ganga Ram Hospital.

  • Afshaan Kathrene Singh(XA), Dhanishta Gupta(XE) and Khushi Handa(XE) got trophies and certificates getting 100% marks in Hindi in Class X Board Exam from Hindi Vikas Sansthan.

  • Charvi Jindal(XIScB) won the I prize in the Inter-school Scrabble Competition held at Bal Bharti Public School, Pitampura.

  • In the Classical Dance Competition held at Columbia Public School, Vikaspuri, Aarthy Iyengar(XIIHA) won the I prize in the Senior category and Nikita Kapoor(VIIIE) won the II prize in the Junior category.

  • Ipshita Das(VIID) and Aayushi Abdhija(VIIIB) won the I prize in Bible Quiz Competition held in Queen Mary's School, Tis Hazari.

  • Samridhi Chugh(XIIHB) and Gauri Gupta(XIIHA) won the I and III prize respectively in an Inter-school Essay Writing Competition on the topic 'The Spirit of the Indian Constitution' conducted by Diocesan Community Centre Library, Ashok Place, New Delhi.

  • In the 'Fashion is contagious: Style it' competition held at Pearl Academy. Palak Singhal(XIHB), Arushi Sobti(XIHB) and Aayushi Malaviya(XIHB) won the I prize.

  • Bhvya Gupta(XICA), Ananya Kumra(XICA), Eshanya Sethi(XICA), Diti Grover(XIHA), Geetika Bhatia(XIHA), Priyanshika Khanna(XIHB) and Ashween Saluja(XIHB) won the II prize in the One act Play(Hindi) held at Queen Mary's School, Tis Hazari.

  • In the Zonal Athletic Meet, the Cabinet got the II position in March-Past.

  • Our school took part in 'The Columban Fest' in a range of different competitions. They won the Best School Trophy.
    Saniya Rizwan(XII) and Deeksha Dhingra(XII) secured the I prize in IMPROMPTU.
    Palak Singhal(XI), Bhvya Gupta(XI), Kundanika(XI) and Soumya Mehta(XI) got the I prize in TRISHNA ART.
    Bhavika Nijhawan(XI) and Bhvya Gupta(XI) got the II prize in CONFLUX - a Commerce activity.

  • Dhanishta Gupta(XI) and Divleen Kaur(XI) got the II prize in Effervescence - a Science activity

  • The SOCHE foundation organized a competition in St. Xavier's School.
    In Reusing Plastic
    Shreyashi Mondal (XA) secured the I prize. Pari Gupta(XI) secured the III prize.

  • In Maati Milap Comprtition, Bhvya Gupta(XI) secured the II prize.

  • Sana Muti(XIIScB), Aary Jha(XIScB), Aditi Gupta(XIICB), Kirti Jha(XIIScB), Somya Sharma(XIIHA), Varada Sharma(XIHA), Vashika Pal(IXE) participated in the Zonal Senior Handball Competition. They won the I position.

  • Gurleen Kaur, Dhruvi Tandon, Shreya Kapoor, Devanshi Sabharwal, Prabhnoor Kaur Sethi, Jaspreet Kaur, Diksha Makin, Kashish Aggarwal, Itiksha Srivastava participated in the Zonal Junior Handball Competition. They won the I position.

  • Charvi Jindal(XIScB) has successfully cleared the National Talent Search Examination(NTSE) Stage II. She is one among the 787 students at the all India level who has qualified this prestigious examination. This national-level scholarship program is one of the oldest and most prestigious examinations in India conducted by the NCERT to identify and recognize students with high intellect and academic talent.

  • Arshia Dogra(XIICB) participated in Fr. Peter Marie Mermier Memorial Inter school Debate competition held at St. Francis De Sales Sr. Sec. School. She won the III Best Speaker award and a cash prize.

  • Azaan Singh(IXA), Vrinda Dudeja(XA), Devanshi Gargashya(XIHB) and Ojasvy Chandhok(XIHB) participated in the 'ENACT AN ACT' competition held at Springdales School, Dhaula Kuan. They won the II position. Vrinda Dudeja(XA) won the IV position in the Published Poetry & Azaan Singh(IXA) won the IV position in the Self Composed Poetry.

  • Anika Diwan(VIIIE), Sonya Sidhu(XICA) and Vrinda Dang(XIIHB) participated in the Group Song competition held at Monfort School, Ashok Vihar. They won the III position.

  • Muskan Jain(XIHA) has been selected for Basketball Youth Nationals, U-17, 2018-19. She is representing Delhi State for the fourth time running.

  • Sharvi Sharma(XD) participated in Zonal Classical Dance competition held at Sanskriti School. She won the I prize.
    In the Annual competitions under Khairagarh University, She secured the I position.
    In the Brahman Sabha Annual competition, she secured the I position.

  • Vrinda Dudeja(XA), Ishani Ruhil(XD), Sharvi Sharma(XD), Diya Kharbanda(XE), Pragya Surbhi(XE), Vihaa Jain(XE), Ganya Khanna(IXB), Nikita Kapoor(VIIIE), Himanshi Gaba(VIIIE), Ridhhi Arora(VIIA), Garima Pendharkar(VIIE) participated in Dance Drama competition based on Victory of Good over Evil held at Doon Public School, Paschim Vihar. They won the II position.

  • Soumya Jain(XIICA) participated in the Zonals Hindi Essay Writing competition held at S.K. Vidyalaya. She won the I position.

  • Bhvya Gupta(XICA), Mallika Gupta(XIHB), Palak Singhal(XIHB), Kundanika(XIHB), Ayushi Paul(XC) and Shreyashi Mandal(XA) participated in the Rangoli Making competition held at Doon Public School. They won the I position.

  • Ananya Gautam(VIIIB), Anisha Arora(VIIIB), Arpita Sharma(VIIIB), Arshiya Jain(VIIIB), Bhuvi Khurana(VIIIB), Hiteksha N. Gala(VIIIB), Jasmeh Kaur(VIIIB), Kaira V. Wadia(VIIIB), Ramya Varma(VIIIB), Ranali Wadi(VIIIB), Sahej Lamba(VIIIB), Sneha Gardiner(VIIIB), Tiya Saboo(VIIIB), Vidita Mehra(VIIIB) and Ilma(VIIIB) participated in the Zonal Level Hindi One Act Play competition held at Vidya Bharati Mahavidyalaya. They won the I prize.

  • Jesnia Kaur(VIIE) and Mouli Gupta(VIIB) participated in the GK Quiz competition held at St. Xaviers Sr. Sec. School. They won the IV position.

  • In the Zone 26 Inter school Basketball Championship, our school secured the following positions -
    Junior - I position.
    Sub Junior - II position.
    Senior - III position.

  • Paril Malhotra(XIIScA), Arushi Behera(XIIScA) and Priyamvada Vashishth(XIIScA) participated in Scintillations Science Symposium held at Somerville School, Vasundhara Enclave. They won the II runners up trophy. The theme of the symposium was 'Crisis of the Blue Marble' wherein critical issues facing the earth was presented and the team came up with an innovative scientific solution for tackling the issues.

  • Saniya Rizwan(XIIHB) participated in the Turncoat Extempore held at Tagore International School. She won the Best Speaker award out of 44 schools.

  • Shivika Gupta(IXC) is the school topper of Times NIE National Aptitude Challenge 2017-18 at Junior level, conducted by BYJU's. She won a Samsung Tablet and a certificate of excellence.

  • Niyati Gupta(VIIE) and Kriti Sehgal(VIIA) participated in Futuristic Disconventions (Enactment of invention of telescope and discovery of circulatory system) held at Jaspal Kaur Public School. They secured the II position.

  • Arshia Dogra(XIICB) participated in the Personality Contest organized by Xavier's English Literary Society held at St. Xavier's School. She was declared Miss Personality.

  • Palkin Kaur(XICA) participated in Zonals Chess Competition held at Sanskriti School. She won the I prize in Senior category.

  • Gurmanya Kaur Sahni(VIIA) participated in Zonals Chess Competition held at Sanskriti School. She won the III prize in Sub Junior category.

  • Tejal Bhavsar(VIIIA) participated in a Govt. of India competition organized by the Central Civil Services Cultural & Sports Board. She won 2 Gold medals for Classical Vocal & Western Dance, a Silver medal for Folk Dance and a Bronze medal for Classical Dance.
    In the essay writing competition organized by the Rajya Sabha Secretariat, Parliament of India, awarded by the Hon'ble Vice President of India, Sri Venkaiah Naidu, she secured the I position.
    In the drawing competition organized by the Lok Sabha Secretariat, Parliament of India, she secured the I position.

  • Arshveen Hora (XII HA) participated in the Excalibur MUN 2018 as the Deputy Moderator held at Delhi International Public School, Rohini. She was felicitated by a memento, a certificate and a cash prize of Rs. 2500.

  • In the Classical Fusion Dance Competition held at Holy Child School Purva(VIIA), Anushka Bose(VIIA), Riddhi Arora(VIIA), Anya Aggarwal(VIIA), Shruti Ojha(VIIB), Garima Pendharkar(VIIE), Tejal Bhavsar(VIIIA), Shreelagna Dutta(VIIIA), Vaidehi Sharma(VIIIC), Diya Bera(VIIIE), Nikita Kapoor(VIIIE), Surbhi Roy(IXE) won the I prize.

  • Manal Hamid(VIIC) participated in the Painting Competition held at Holy Child Sr. Sec. School, Tagore Garden. She secured I position.

  • Nehal Loomba(VID) participated in the Hasya Kavita Competition held at Holy Child Sr. Sec. School, Tagore Garden. She secured the II position.

  • Anushka Khera(XA) and Vanshika Goel(XA) participated in the Cyber Security Quiz held at Kulachi Hansraj Model School. They secured the II position.

  • Niyati Gupta(VIIE) participated in SPIEGEL: A Role play in German competition held at Kulachi Hansraj Model School, Ashok Vihar.She won the II prize.

  • Palkin Kaur(XICA) participated in Delhi State Girls Chess Championship 2018 Under-17 held at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. She secured I position.

  • Garima Pendharkar(VIIE) participated on the occasion of Republic Day in Venezuela Embassy and was felicitated by the Ambassador of Venezuela.

  • In the INTL. CYBER OLYMPIAD held at St. Thomas' School, Mandir Marg, Gurveen Kaur(XICB) won a Gold medal & a merit certificate, Ria Sengar(XIHA) won a Silver medal & a merit certificate, Muskan Rajpal(XIHA) & Aastha Shalom Hitter(XIHB) won a Bronze medal.

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