Celebration of National Technology Day - Women in STEM

In the COVID-19 crisis, tech-know-how has been the forefront of the battle against the pandemic. As the world adjusts to its new normal, we all are looking for various digital ways to remain connected. Indebted to science and technology, St. Thomas School added another feather to its cap.

A digital conference on 'Women in STEM' was organized on May 11, 2020, to observe the National Technology Day. The guest speaker of the day was our star alumna and former medical student, Miss World - 2017 Manushi Chillar. She motivated the science students to pursue STEM education and discussed different scenarios of STEM education from the microscopic level in their communities to the global macroscopic level perceivable to all.

Being a former medical student and having studied science in her higher senior secondary classes, Manushi is well equipped with the paradigm to be followed to have a stress-free and productive career. She mentored everyone to develop their management skills effectively in order to prepare themselves to move into a leadership role in the future. In her many words of wisdom, she particularly advised the science students to follow a strict-schedule wherein they devote enough time to studies along with balancing other extracurricular activities and leave some time for exercising. She laid stress to the fact that a healthy body compliments a healthy mind and both the systems of our body should work at par with each other. She emphasized that extracurricular activities in school helped her stay afloat and made the overwhelming scholastic schedule less stressful. The evergreen beauty roused the students to keep their game up and running by sharing her personal anecdotes and struggles along the journey. She advised the students to put up motivational quotes and posters around their house to remind them of their target and help them stay fresh and healthy. She shared the success stories of other leading scientific role-models and how her own doctor-parents and friends motivated her into choosing this career field. Manushi believes that having a scientific mind gave her an advantage over other beauty pageants and made her confident in a sense that helped her win the coveted title.

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