Teacher Training workshop-Introduction to physical computing using Arduino

On 6th October 2018 our school organized a teacher training workshop on 'Introduction to Physical Computing Using Arduino.' which was lead by Mr. Dhananjay V. Gadre . Associate Professor Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology (NSIT), Coordinator, Centre for Electronics Design and Technology, Director, TI Centre for Embedded Product Design and finally one of our Atal Tinkering Lab's Mentor.

This workshop was an effort to make the Science and Maths teachers comfortable with programming and to sensitize them about microcontroller and their applications.

Physical computing is a creative framework for understanding human beings' relationship with the digital world. Physical Computing is a process of building/designing/creating/making interactive systems that use different kinds of software and hardware to sense and respond to an external stimuli - which could be a program, a problem statement, a need, an issue or simply an idea. Putting in simple words - physical computing is a process where all the input and output devices work together as a single entity on the directions given by a brain like object that could be a microcontroller board of a kind.

The workshop started with project demonstration and introduction of the agenda. It was followed by Arduino IDE installation, getting acquainted with IDE and basic structure of the software. Then there were hands on activities like hello LED, toggling an LED, Hello Switch, Controlling LED through Switch and Using Sensors with Microcontrollers. These activities were little experiments , that meant spending a lot of time building circuits, writing programs, learning to build structures to hold sensors and controls, and figuring out how best to make all of these things talk to each other and give the desired output.

The workshop was an enriching experience for each and every one.

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