The Night with "Super Blue Blood Moon"  

The members of the Astronomy Club were invited to celebrate the rare and phenomenal "Total Lunar Eclipse" on 31 January 2018. Prior to this the students had a chance to interact online with Dr. Gianluca Masi, Director, Virtual Telescope Project, Italy, which aroused their interest and excitement.

The privilege of sighting a Lunar Eclipse through the telescope along with city folks against the backdrop of INDIA GATE was a visual treat for the eyes. The moon looked radiant and glorious as it always does the fascination, however, was the size of the 'SUPER BLUE MOON'. A rare event, one of its kind, was made more splendid as the Blue Moon synced with the Total Lunar Eclipse. The myths surrounding the rare occurrence which cast apprehensions in our minds, were dispelled by the scientists who explained the phenomenon substantiating it with logical reasoning and many present there could be seen enjoying their snacks which otherwise they would not have till the eclipse was over, proving the ancient myth wrong. The joy was unparalled and children were ecstatic when they got the opportunity to capture the amazing sight and the magical moment.

The inquisitive young minds got a rare treat which enhanced their rational thinking helped develop scientific temperament. They were left spell bound by the splendid images and this experience will be etched in their minds forever.

Vridhi Sawhney - VIA
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