Antardhwani Learning Environment (ALE) - Prospect Lodge, Landour, Uttarakhand

We are happy to announce Fall 18' Programmes in the months of October and November. Antardhwani believes that learning is beyond class-rooms and books and we want our young learners to develop into confident individuals ready to faces the challenges both inside and outside their class-room. The Fall 18' Programmes are structured to bring out the best in learning through nature. The activities involve hiking, outdoor camping, exploring flora and fauna, visits to butterfly and bird sanctuaries and many more.
Our Gift to Nature
Simply experiencing nature without contributing towards its conservation would be a selfish exercise.
Hence with these Programmes we have decided to give back to Nature because STS is always for environment.
  • 1 trip - 1 tree (Plantation Drive)
  • Cleanliness Drive with KEEN (Keeping Ecology and Environment Natural)
  • Consume less - Waste less
  • Zero tolerance to plastics
Programme Associates - Café terra, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand
Summer Camps in May & June
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